Clay Classics™

Drawing on classic literature, poetry and children's books, we offer beautifully visualized tales. These lively and humorous stories illustrate basic human truths that stimulate discussion and reflection on the moral choices all of us encounter in our lives. Because of their emphasis on universal truths and values, viewers from across the nation and around the world have turned to our programs to teach, entertain and inspire.

Now, billy budd films is making their award-winning DVDs available to schools, libraries, churches and other organizations who will find them ideal. Parents, grandparents, teachers and others will be amazed and gratified at the riveting attention of children when watching clay animation.

Who do you feed?

It was a rainy day on the Indian reservation so the children gathered 'round an ancient Cherokee warrior and begged for a story. He began. "Inside each one of us there are two wolves. They are constantly fighting each other. One wolf is angry and mean, very selfish and unwilling to share. The other wolf is gentle, peaceful and kind, very giving and caring. They are always fighting and they will fight to the end - to the death." Then the old Indian fell silent until finally a brave little girl spoke up. "Grandfather, which wolf is going to win?" He answered, "The one you feed, my child. The one you feed."

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